Thursday, 2 February 2017

Another Love

I've put my pen and paper away and started indulging in another love,

I finished bunny a couple of days ago

puppy and kitty are a work in progress

what have you been up to?


  1. I join you in your love of crochet, Sue! I've usually got something on the go. At the moment, I'm crocheting owls! Is the pink-nosed bunny destined to go into a new home where a child will certainly be able to snuggle up to him?!

  2. All 3 are so very cute and well done.

  3. Oh Sue, these are delightful. And someone is a very lucky recipient!

  4. i'm forever amazed by folks who can crochet..
    your bunny & kitty are darling!
    after failing crochet class (i kid you not) i
    decided to stick with cooking as my art.

    1. Well, there you go. I'd rather do just about anything but cook, lol!

  5. So precious! Love to see your projects!

  6. That bunny is absolutely adorable, Sue. Can't wait to see the puppy and kitty when they're done. Perfect projects for this time of year.

  7. I love these, they are so adorable! I have a desire to keep art journaling and do some mixed media pieces, just no time currently, but the end is kind of in sight.

  8. They are adorable 💕 I'd really like to teach myself to crochet this year...but am too busy knitting..xx

  9. I wouldn't mind learning how to knit.